looking after the lnr

Wester Craiglockhart Hill and Greenbank Community Woodland Local Nature Reserve (LNR) contains a diverse set of plant and animal communities. They support a wide range of species ranging from those at the top end of food chains such as badgers, foxes, kestrel and sparrowhawks to smaller animals including 12 species of bumblebee (two of which are scarce) and at least 12 species of butterfly.

There is a site of special scientific interest (SSSI) on the hill as well as a registered ancient monument. The SSSI is one of the largest areas of unimproved grassland in Edinburgh which is why it supports such a range of plants and animals.

The LNR is a peaceful place that offers both accessible walks in the community woodland and the beauty of the views from the path that leads up to the trig point on top of the hill. We are so lucky to have this place within the city and our aim is to cherish and preserve it.

All of us who visit the hill and woodland need to use them wisely to keep them special.

the basic principles

  1. Leave nothing behind that you bring with you.
  2. Take nothing away that you didn't bring.
  3. Don't try and change anything, leave things as you find them.

If we all follow these principles, we will keep this as a valuable place for many people to enjoy now and in future.